Custom Baseball Batter’s Eyes

All Court Covers-80 Baseball Batters Eyes
Vinyl Coated Polyester
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All Court Covers crafts custom batter’s eyes in vinyl, mesh materials to make sure they meet your needs and look great simultaneously. 

The Baseball and softball batter’s eye  is a solid-colored area behind the stadiums center field wall.   It forms a visual backdrop directly in the line of sight of a baseball hitter. This dark surface helps the hitter to see the thrown ball, against a solid and uncluttered background. Its purpose is for the safety of the batter.

Baseball Batters eye

All Court Covers provides superior vinyl coated polyester windscreens for batter’s eyes, baseball fence wind screening, and advertising signs. Our baseball windscreens can handle the best and worst weather, including high winds, extreme sun, humidity, frost, etc. We use a special blend of products that allows us to offer a 4-year warranty. ACC baseball windscreens are available in 80% or more closure and multiple colors. Colors include black, tan, green and blue. Each product is custom made to ensure your space is properly covered.

We always make sure to cut in air vents for free, which have 4-ply sewn hems. We also include grommet spacing 2′ on center all around and 9′ tall screens with a middle lip and grommets 2′ on center. The average sizes are 6′ and 9′ high, although custom lengths and sizes are accessible.

Baseball Batter's Eye Vinyl            VCP9x12 Colors (actual colors may vary)


Forest Green Tennis Windscreen Fabric Royal Blue
Royal Blue
Tennis Windscreen Fabric Black
Tennis Windscreen Fabric Red
Tennis Windscreen Fabric Navy Blue
Navy Blue
Tennis Windscreen Fabric Orange
Tennis Windscreen Fabric Maroon
Tennis Windscreen Fabric Blue
Carolina Blue
Tennis Windscreen Fabric Brown
Tennis Windscreen Fabric Tan
Tennis Windscreen Fabric Purple
Tennis Windscreen Fabric Green
Kelly Green
Tennis Windscreen Fabric Gray

Tennis Windscreen Fabric Yellow





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