Baseball Fence Caps

Fence Top Rail Guards 90 degree Corners Safety Top Cap – Baseball Fence Caps

Safety On Top Of Chain Link Fences

Top Rail Cap
Top Rail Cap

Create a safe and secure fence for your athletes, spectators and guests with a protecting baseball fence cap. Fence caps effectively protect against the exposed primary rail of chain link fencing that’s typically jagged and sharp. Exposed sharp edges of fencing create an exceptional hazard to outfielders. By using a baseball fence protecting cap to hide that jagged top rail, it also protects your outfielders from injury.


Safety Rail
Safety Rail
  • Safety Yellow in stock.
  • Other colors are custom ordered.
  • Actual colors may vary.

Cap height

Cap width

Cap length





Caps per bag

Approx. coverage per bag

Hog rings per bag


40 linear feet



All Court Covers- Fence Top Rail Guard – Baseball Fence Guards

Wall Padding
Wall Padding


Chain link fence guards add visibility to to the fence, providing an additional level of safety to the outfielder. These top rail covers can enhance the aesthetics of your field or facility. ACC fence caps are sturdy and reasonably priced, and they fit over even the most traditional chain link fences without difficulty.

ACC Fence Caps – the high-quality protecting chain link fence cap
The premium alternative for protecting your players from harm.

100′ pieces or 250′ pieces.  Yellow or Black in stock.

  • 4 ½” diameter
  • Available in 100′ and 250′ coils
  • Pre-slit for easy installation
  • Bright yellow or black, see specifications
  • 19″ color-matched ties available

All Court Covers –  Rail and Fence Padding


Covers Fence-Tops, Rails, Posts & Poles

  • Sold in 8′ lengths
  • Pre-slit for easy installation, see specifications
  • Custom cut to your needs
  • Choose from 8 stock colors, see specifications
  • Ties wraps available in matching colors
  • Cost effective compared to padding that laces on
  • Can be utilized in many ways
  • Protect your players from harm




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