Baseball Home Plate Cover

Baseball field covers are important aspects to protect a baseball field from the rain that sometimes happens during a game. It is also important to cover the home plate with a special baseball home plate cover.

The home plate area is an important area of the field to protect. The batter needs a good foot hold to be able to position himself to swing the bat. It is also important because a player coming in to score a run needs a good area in case he has to slide in over the plate. If this home plate area gets muddy or rutted, it can pose as a serious threat to both batters and runners.  The mud and ruts can cause a player to sustain a major injury.

Our company, All Court Covers, manufactures a variety of field covers and field protectors for your baseball field in case of a rainstorm during your game. We have been in business for over 27 years producing covering, protective equipment and logos for your sports fields or facilities. We are a family owned and operated business located in Long Beach, California. We started our business manufacturing industrial fabrics, but integrated into a quality line of sports products for sports facilities and complexes. With our years of collecting knowledge and working with a variety of sports complexes, we have created a line of products that we are proud to help you display in your facility.

baseball home plate cover
baseball home plate cover

We offer our quality baseball home plate cover for your field made of either Polyethylene or Vinyl. Our Polyethylene covers are constructed of 6 oz. poly and are available in silver or white colors. Our standard home plate covers in Polyethylene range from 26 feet to 32 feet in diameter. However, we do specialize in custom sizing. Our Vinyl covers are composed of 18 oz. vinyl and are available in a variety of colors. Our vinyl covers are in standard sizes of 26 feet and 30 feet in diameter. Call us today and we will help you match the color that best suits your facility or team. We can also print your team emblem or logo on these to spruce up the looks of your playing field.

We also manufacture the complete field covers. Our field covers are high strength, durable, bolstered 18 oz. vinyl and polyethylene materials. These are waterproof and rot resistant for the protection of your playing field. We will customize all of our covers to fit your needs. The standard Little League is a 90′ (x) 90’ the standard softball field is 120’ x 120’ and the standard baseball fields are either 160′ (x) 160’ or 170′ (x) 170’. These are standards only.  Keep in mind that we will customize to fit any sizes.

Here at All Court Covers we are proud of our products and we want our customers to be completely satisfied with them. Our craftsmanship, quality and customer service are all important aspects of what our company represents.

Call us today and we will help you select the baseball home plate cover that works best for your playing field.‎