Baseball Mound Cover


Baseball Mound Cover

The pitcher’s mound is one of the most used parts of a baseball playing field. This is one of the areas of a playing field that needs to be protected by a baseball mound cover when it rains during or before a game.

The pitcher stands on the mound and pitches the ball towards the catcher hoping the batter does not hit the ball. The pitcher is one of the most important players in the game. If the pitcher is pitching a good game, the other team will score very few runs. The goal of a pitcher is to strike out the batter. The more strike outs he gets, the fewer runs the opposing team will get. The pitcher’s mound needs to be in good solid condition. If it gets muddy or washed out from a rain, it does not give the pitcher a good footing for the force of his pitches. He could slip and cause an injury that could cost him his career.

Here at All Court Covers, we realize the importance of having a safe and smooth pitcher’s mound. We also are aware that an injury could cost a pitcher his career.  That would be devastating to the pitcher, the team, as well as the pitcher’s family. Our business is a family owned business out of Long Beach, California. We have been in business for over 27 years and have accumulated a lot of knowledge within the sports world. We know that, in the sports world, the quality of the products is of extreme importance. The mound area must be protected in case of a rainstorm or even a strong windstorm during or before a game. If the area around the mound gets wet or gets ruts in it to where it can cause a possibility of slipping, we know what it could mean to the life of the pitcher.

With our baseball mound cover, we know the importance of their purpose. We have developed with our knowledge and technology, a cover that is water resistant and is rot proof so it will withstand the elements of the weather. We feel that the quality and the purpose of these covers are extremely important. We make these covers out of 18oz vinyl or 6 oz. polyethylene. Some of our covers can be made in different colors with your emblem or logo printed on them. With the technology of our products, our prints are weather resistant and will not fade or tarnish in UV light. This not only protects the important areas of your playing field, but enhances the look of your field and your facility.

Give us a call today and we will be more than willing to answer any questions that you might have about our baseball mound cover or any of our other quality sports facility products. Ask us about our special professional installation.  Also feel free to inquire about our special printing of your logos or any other sponsor advertising that you might need on your new products.‎

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