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All Court Covers Makes Custom Products Designed To Your Specifications.

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Do you want a  baseball spot cover to be 30′ in diameter? Do you want a baseball spot cover to be shaped like an octagon? We can meet every specification for your mound and spot covers.

Polyethylene or vinyl materials are used within the Athletic Field Cover marketplace. The lightest material is either 6 or 7.5 polyethylene.  When measured in mils it equates to ten to twelve mills in thickness. The other material used is vinyl. The strengths are ten ounce, fourteen ounce, or 18 ounce per square yard. A coated product typically has higher specs than a laminate, and may last longer. These covers are fabricated with either grommets all around the perimeters, or they are weighted spot covers. Spot covers are used for covering bases and the plate, on deck circles, pitchers mounds, and bull pen areas. Mound and home plate covers are typically circular.

The bull pen and base covers are rectangular and sq. No matter the fabric, typically these covers have hemmed edges of some kind, with grommets around the perimeters.  The grommets enable the tarps to be staked into the ground.  Weighted covers have chain or lead rope sewn into the perimeter of the spot covers.  They do not need to be staked.


Save your baseball or softball fields from damage done by Mother Nature! All Court Covers’ mound and spot covers are specially designed for the protection of your bases, pitching mounds, home plates and bullpens from the elements and foot traffic. Each spot cover is custom fabricated to your specifications. We have several options to fit any budget and give you the results you want.


Handmade with high ultraviolet illumination rated industrial strength materials
Waterproof, shrink-proof and just about tear-proof
Reinforced hems
Welded seams
Grommets each 24″
Multiple colors


Available in customary ten oz or premium eighteen oz material
Available sq. sizes: 10′ x 10′
Available spherical sizes: 18′, 20′, 26′ and 30′ diameter

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