Buy New Baseball Netting

baseball netting

Baseball netting has several different usages.  These usages can range from the batting cages to safety areas on and near the playing fields. The baseball netting helps to provide a safety barrier to keep spectators and players from being hit and injured by a ball. When a ball is either pitched hard by a professional pitcher or a pitching machine it is traveling at a high rate of speed. It would carry quite an impact upon contact with a human which could result in a serious injury.

Here at All Court Covers, we realize that these nets are vitally important for the safety of everyone. We have been in business for over 27 years developing quality sports products for facilities. We are a family owned and operated business located in Long Beach, California. We strive for complete customer satisfaction with the quality of our products.

Our baseball netting is made from 1 7/8 inch knotted nylon twine that has been weather treated and is UV resistance. We offer edges that can either be roped or tapered depending on your needs. All of our netting is custom made and designed to meet the needs of your facility or playing field.

Baseball has become quite the spectator sport. From the children that play to the professional major league baseball, there could be thousands of spectators. In some areas, for example behind the catcher and batter, these nets can be hung to stop the ball from going into the crowd. The pitcher will throw the ball at a very fast speed to the batter hoping that he will strike. If he would tip the ball with the bat, it could go back behind him and into the crowd. If he does strike and the catcher would happen to miss the ball or it would hit the tip of his glove, it could also go back into the crowd. If by chance, someone was not paying attention and would get hit by the ball it could cause serious injury.

Another good use for the netting is on batting cages. There are indoor and outdoor batting cages where a pitching machine throws a ball to a batter anywhere between 30 and 90 mph. A ball going this fast would have to have a quality net to stop it. On the indoor batting cages, these nets are used to enclose the cage areas.  This separates each cage, keeping the ball from going into another cage and hitting the batter. This will also keep any spectator or anyone outside of the cages from getting hit and injured by a fly away ball. On the outside cages, basically the nets will do the same thing. The difference here is that normally these outside cages are supported by steel poles or partially by a wire fence. These nets will also help to keep the balls inside the area so you do not have to chase them down.

If it is time for new netting on your facility or your batting cages, let us help you. We will walk you through making the right choice for your needs when choosing your new baseball netting.‎