The Main Purpose and Functions of Baseball Windscreens

Baseball Windscreens
Baseball Windscreens


Designed to protect outdoor establishments from wind, baseball windscreens are ideal for outfield fences, and open dugouts. Also known as fence covers, privacy screens, and fence windscreens, baseball windscreens provide different levels of wind blockage, based on the density or the fabric. Some windscreens are also specially designed for specific athletic fields and sporting arenas, and can be custom fit to size. Three important functions served by baseball windscreens include:


  1. Enhanced visual appeal: Baseball Windscreens are an economical way to add a dash of color to outdoor sports fields, and lend a decorative finishing touch.


  1. Branding opportunities: Excellent way to brand your personal gym, a team or sponsors, printing logos, motto and other graphics. Branding on baseball windscreens can instantly generate revenue.


  1. Privacy and property separation: Windscreens protect your property from intrusion or damage from neighbors, and are excellent for keeping distractions at bay.


Aren’t sure which baseball windscreen to pick? If you are facing confusion while searching for the perfect windscreen, you can let us do the job. Being experienced in the field, we can help you understand your unique requirements and help choose the best windscreen within your budget. You can even go through our chart to determine the right windscreen!


What you should remember when choosing windscreen!


  • Our 15 different color selections for windscreens includes royal blue, black, and forest green. If you wish to choose customized colors, you can choose between fabrics of solid vinyl and vinyl coated polyester mesh.
  • If you want to add lettering like a motto, logo, or other graphics, we offer custom printing only for vinyl coated fabrics (both solid and mesh).